Companies Pursue Combined Solar and EV Charging Stations

Electric vehicle charging stations can be an attractive investment for high traffic retail locations that want to lure in EV shoppers. EV charging networks including Chargepoint, which has raised over $300 million for expansion and EVgo, which was previously part of NRG Energy are both aggressively building out their partnerships with retail locations.  Other companies pursuing similar models include Volta Charging, which partners with consumer brands to advertise at the EV sites.

Combined Solar and EV Charging For Business

There have also been several interesting announcements by companies pursuing mobile electric vehicle charging stations that combine solar and electric vehicle charging in retail outlets:

  • The Las Vegas Sun reported that DC Solar is now offering mobile EV-charging stations in Las Vegas. The company’s charging stations are powered by solar panels that are attached to each side of the station.  The company has also introduced units in Arizona, California, Ohio, Florida, and North Carolina and plans to increase the Las Vegas stations to 200.
  • Outfront Media, one of the largest outdoor advertising firms in the U.S., announced a partnership with Envision Solar to deploy the company’s solar powered EV ARC stations in San Diego.  Outfront Media will market and sell the naming rights for the stations in San Diego, which is one of the most valuable advertising markets in the U.S.
  • Brightfield Solar has recently expanded its offerings and now has 100 charging stations installed at retail locations in NC, TN, and MA. The company’s stations are powered with up to 15.3 kilowatts of solar.

Home Solar and EV Charging

Although residential EV charging is a fraction of the size of the public charging markets, residential solar and other companies in the space have been pursing opportunities to integrate the two for consumers. Most notably, Vivint and Chargepoint announced a partnership to offer Fully Integrated Solar, which combines a solar energy system, EV charger, home battery and smart home technology.

Author: David Rather

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