2016 Top Solar Companies In NY

Sunvago has released its list of top solar companies in NY in 2016 based on the kilowatts of residential projects installed in 2016. The data was sourced from the NYSERDA solar database.  The analysis was part of Sunvago’s New York Solar Guide, which is designed to help consumers in New York through the solar decision process and also includes the 2016 recap on solar in New York and the top 50 fastest-growing solar towns and cities in New York.

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2016 RankCompany2016 Installations2016 Kilowatts% of Total
1SolarCity Corporation55144265627.7
2SunRun Inc.2150145569.5
3NRG Residential Solar Solutions2023125298.1
4SunPower Capital LLC104194146.1
5SuNation Solar Systems, Inc.55653973.5
6Level Solar66947503.1
7Apex Solar Power, LLC46438032.5
8Direct Energy Solar42835552.3
9Green Logic LLC33131702.1
10EmPower CES, LLC27326581.7
11Solar Liberty Energy Systems, Inc.29923311.5
12Harvest Power23522621.5
13Kasselman Solar LLC27421721.4
14Long Island Power Solutions21219801.3
15Hudson Solar23118861.2
16Trinity Solar22617261.1
17Monolith Solar Associates, LLC18915731
18Posigen New York LLC23615571
19Sungevity Inc24614961
20Sunrise Solar Solutions, LLC19813680.9
21Renovus Energy, Inc14912180.8
22American Solar Partners15811900.8
23Sungevity Development LLC15710930.7
24Halco Renewable Energy1099950.6
25Freedom Solar989530.6
26Sustainable Energy Developments, Inc.1088660.6
27You Save Green, Inc977940.5
29Grid City Electric Corp817820.5
30Empire Solar Solutions, LLC767660.5
31New York State Solar Farm1027530.5
32CIR Electrical Construction Corp.807460.5
33Alternative Power Solutions of NY, LLC777260.5
34Infinity Solar Systems837140.5
35OneRoof Energy NY, LLC1246970.5
361st Light Energy1196960.5
37GreenLeaf Solar706820.4
38CNY Solar, Inc.716690.4
39Taitem Engineering, PC716010.4
40Kilowatt Systems LLC855350.3
41ETM Solar Works, Inc.645320.3
42Lighthouse Solar574950.3
43Ross Solar Group, LLC594910.3
44Vivint Solar Development LLC594610.3
45Sunnova Energy Corp.644560.3
46Eastern Energy Systems, Inc.404270.3
47Energy By Choice, Ltd.403940.3
48R & B Quality Electric433890.3
49SOLARgeneration, Inc.383600.2
50Brooklyn SolarWorks, LLC703580.2
All Other1551123378

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