Best Solar Companies in San Jose: Local Projects and Reviews

San Jose is known as the 10th most populous city in the United States, the home of Silicon Valley and the fifth most expensive housing market in the world. A lesser known fact is that San Jose is also one of the leading residential solar markets in the U.S.

There are many solar companies in the area and OhmHome has used its database of solar projects to create the map below, so you can find the best solar company near you. See below the map for more detail on these solar energy companies. If you are interested in more information on solar panels in San Jose, refer to our guide or detailed cost data.

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    In addition to the above map, consumers considering solar should read more about the solar power companies listed below to find the best solar installation company in their area. It is recommend that consumers reach out to at least three home solar companies and get multiple quotes for comparison.

    SolarCity (Tesla)

    Tesla, Inc. (formerly Tesla Motors) is an American multinational corporation that specializes in electric vehicles, energy storage and solar panel manufacturing based in Palo Alto, California. Founded in 2003, the company specializes in electric cars, lithium-ion battery energy storage, and residential photovoltaic panels (through the subsidiary company SolarCity). The additional products Tesla sells include the Tesla Powerwall and Powerpack batteries, solar panels and solar roof tiles.


    Sunrun was co-founded in January 2007 by Lynn Jurich, Ed Fenster, and Nat Kreamer with a business model in which it offered customers either a lease or a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) business model whereby homeowners paid for electricity usage but did not buy solar panels outright, reducing the initial capital outlay required by the homeowner. Sunrun is responsible for installation, maintenance, monitoring and repairs.

    Vivint Solar

    Vivint Solar, Inc. is an American solar energy company. Founded in 2011 as an offshoot of Vivint, Vivint Solar went public in 2014. Vivint Solar is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange. It was launched as a residential solar provider that designs, installs, and maintains photovoltaic systems. Vivint Solar operates in 20 U.S. states (Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Vermont, and Virginia).

    Clean Solar

    The Clean Solar team has a strong and customer-focused foundation. Our professionally trained service team offer competitive and cost-effective packages, combined with one-of-a-kind product and service offerings, make us the premier energy partner for meeting your residential solar power needs. The entire Clean Solar Team works to make solar photovoltaic installations easy and affordable for customers. We want you to understand the real benefits, both financial and environmental, of becoming energy independent. To this end, we work closely with you to ensure the best fit between system and need. Additionally, Clean Solar offers a unique money-back energy production guarantee and gives back $150 to local community charities in the name of the homeowner.


    SunPower Corporation is an American energy company that designs and manufactures crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells and solar panels based on an all-back-contact solar cell invented at Stanford University. The company is majority owned by Total, the fourth largest publicly-listed energy company in the world and is publicly traded on the NASDAQ as SPWR.


    Since I started PetersenDean 35 years ago, we have fulfilled our mission of delivering world-class roofing and solar power systems at the best possible value for our customers. Now, more than ever, I believe that solar power should be accessible for all Americans. In fact, this year, an independent review of California Solar Initiative (CSI) data shows that for the last 12 months PetersenDean has achieved the most affordable solar installation price. The Solar4America campaign is my concept to deliver transparency in solar pricing and drive down the costs of solar power. No “financial magic” or “accounting tricks”; Just a fair price and commitment to quality installation. We look forward to earning your business. – Jim Petersen, Founder

    Sandbar Solar

    Talk to anyone who knows about solar panels in Santa Cruz County and beyond. We have a long-standing reputation for designing and installing large, complex projects and residential arrays alike. We handle smaller residential solar panel installations with our trademark efficiency and professionalism, and always do our best to ensure our customers are happy. When you work with us, you’ll get access to our more than 35 full-time employees and all the knowledge they possess. If you’re looking for a reliable solar company in Santa Cruz, CA give our team a call today to find out how we can help you.

    Suncrest Solar

    Solar at no cost. Pay for electricity like your utility, but at lower rates. Our contribution is reliable, responsible, low-cost electricity with a customer experience second to none. From introduction through installation, our process is transparent and efficient. For us, the future holds a dedication to honest transactions with cost-effective benefits for both you and your environment. A brighter future starts today.

    Southwest Solar

    SouthWest Sun Solar (CSLB# 1004667) is a solar company that isn’t concerned with selling systems to the few who are lucky enough to afford purchasing a solar system. Our priority is to provide solar to all the communities that don’t have ready access to solar energy. This has always been our focus, since the day our CEO, Hugh Nguyen, first decided to get into Solar.

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